Oh, this is great fun! This feels like a sponsored comment but I have a lot of very specific wants & needs at this advanced age in my life.

1) A book or books? This was tough b/c my Kindle has infinite books, but what if I just bring the Southern Reach Trilogy and read it over and over again?

2) A journal & very nice pen.

3) A m***erf*cking hammock in which to read & journal.

4) One or more sunhats from The San Diego Hat Company so that I can see my books & journal.

5) Mad Hippie Sun Protection serum--SPF AND anti-aging!

6) And yeah I guess some all purpose sunscreen. Sun Bum maybe? I have the reverse in that my Italian genes overrode the Eastern European & British stuff so that I don’t burn, and tolerate heat well.

7) Speaking of tolerating heat well, my UV light self-sanitizing water bottle.

8) Golden Hour natural bug spray. I fucking hate bug bites.

9) Owyn brand vegan protein shakes. So weirdly specific, but they are my go-to “I need nutrition and I don’t know what to eat” snack.

10) Our Lodge cast iron skillet for when I *do* want to cook something on the island.

11) Synthroid so I don’t fall into a coma.

12) Babo Botanicals moisturizing shampoo & body wash

13) Gisou honey-infused conditioner.

14) Charlotte’s Web CBD body cream.

15) Infinite Invisibobbles because I will lose them everywhere.

16) Colorscience SPF color balm (in bronze).

17) Ex Officio brand underwear because they are pretty AND outstanding at preventing swampy crotch in heat/humidity.

18) An LED flashlight so I don’t have to pee in the dark.

19) Husbo (gross, but I’ll miss him terribly after 3 days). He is an Eagle Scout too so he’s excellent at first aid & building fires.

20) My niece K, because husbo is an introvert and she is endlessly entertaining to chat with. So it will give him a break, and she & I can take beach walks together.

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I am procrastinating with a vengeance today, so this is perfect timing!

1. Hot cook/general butler-type. I do not cook, and Door Dash gets all my money, so having someone cook for me is going to #1 priority, not that these are in order of priority, but I am currently hungry, so there we are.

2. Solar powered electronics - phone & ipad are fine - this will give me access to all of the books, so we’re good there.

4. Because 2 was 2 things. A continually replenished stock of sunblock because I have already had basal and squamous cell and it’s no fun at all.

5. Polarized prescription sunglasses - and if they’re whatever the ones that shift from glasses to sunglasses, all the better. Two birds and all that.

6. I will need to have hot cook/butler build me a Swiss Family Robinson style treehouse. If said hot cook/butler looks like Fritz, I will not complain, though blondes aren’t really my thing.

7. Multiple sun hats because I need to have options.

8. Oh, I guess unlimited and continuous WiFi access to make #2 make sense.

9. My dog Daisy (definitely immortal)

10. My HRT patches

11. Unlimited Zoloft

12. Levothyroxine

13. Progesterone

Can you tell I’m 49?

14. My actual bed

15. Multiple pillows

16. One cup/drinking container


18. Mosquito netting for around my bed

19. Towels/Sheets

20. I am assuming that hot cook and I will be naked all the time? If not, then, one set of comfortable clothes.

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