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I have a lot of soft feels* I am not ready to fully articulate in a comment, so instead I will share an anecdote.

My favorite job in college was working at the coffee bar of a mid-end restaurant. Mostly because I am nosy and find people endlessly fascinating. Anyway, it was Valentine's Day which was a GREAT day to work because the tips were usually big. The table closest to the coffee bar had a lot of drama going on, and then one of the couple got up to go to the bathroom. While he was gone, his gf opened his wallet & found another person's phone number (remember when phone numbers were ON PAPER?!). A big argument ensued and she left in tears which was very sad, but then he gave me AND the server each a ginormous tip b/c I think he was embarrassed. I am not on anyone's side in this argument, but greatly enjoyed his hush money.

*TL:DR I am happy for your weird meet cute & that you appear to have a very healthy outlook on things. I am happy for the other end of the meet cute as well.

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